Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 7 Adar II | March 2022 | Page 12

Every man has an undiscovered inner military general which can be tapped into to unlock a basic strategic sense for pursuing a woman . Once the general gets unleashed , a man can use his strategic skills to create a plan for winning the heart of his future bride . Strategy , when used correctly , can enable a man to hop the fast track of relationships once thought uncatchable and exclusive .
Caveat - strategy is not manipulation . Manipulation is unauthentic and / or selfish .
Every woman wants romance . But not every woman wants what you think is romance . Is romance just flowers , chocolates , and long walks on the beach ?
Maybe for some that kind of stuff is a huge turnoff . Romance is what makes the other person feel loved and desire to be more intimate . Romance for you could be a fancy restaurant , or going for a run , or listening to live jazz music , or giving a gift . Successful romance for men begins with unlocking the inner general and getting strategic about determining what will be romantic for the other person . For women , be romantic by not giving your whole heart right away , you can leave some mystery to be pursued .
If you are still exploring compatibility , you need to walk a fine line . As previously stated , you don ’ t want to only check boxes but rather have real and growing loving relationships . At the same time , you don ’ t want to pour on the romance too heavily .
Two reasons that could be disastrous :
1 . You may not be correctly perceiving what is romantic for the other ; and
2 . You may be overwhelming her if the relationship is not yet advanced enough for such intimacy .
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