Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 7 Adar II | March 2022 - Page 11

The person you marry is unique , and the relationship between you two unique people … will also be unique . It ’ s important to get advice and listen to the stories of others because parts of your path will resemble in some ways the paths others . Yet in this , remember that your story is playing out in a unique way and God ’ s guidance is of the utmost importance . In receiving counsel , choose a married couple who can give advice and help equip you without trying to replicate their marriage in you .
In general , women are far more relationally capable than men . And as men we intuitively know this . Just in case , a study released in early December 2021 showed that women are more likely to use social media to stay in touch with friends than men by a whopping 14 %. The study also found that with the same number of friends , women have an average of 55 % more wall posts within social media than men . We , men , know that when we finally want to enter a serious relationship we are like a child trying to catch hold of a speeding train passing us by . We want to be on the relationship fast track too but we are novices as compared to the woman we want to pursue .
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Yet even with these facts , men there is hope ! I found a key for unlocking men who want to pursue women but feel lost or inept in doing it – Strategy .