Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 6 Adar I | February 2022 - Page 31

For instance , we are given clear instructions in the “ Great Commission ” to “ cast out demons !” Furthermore , Yeshua models this action along with physical healing time and time again . He rebukes and provides additional instruction to His disciples when their attempts to set someone free fail due to their lack of faith .
Yet most believers rarely , if ever , cast demons out of people who are tormented ! Instead , it is currently becoming overly popular when praying for someone to use terminology such as ; “ I come against this or that spirit ”, “ I bind you ”, “ I separate from agreement with …”
While the Lord is certainly not restricted from moving when these terms / phrases are implemented , it seems that almost any terminology is used except for the model given through Scripture , which is simply to command the demon to “ leave ” or “ come out ” in the name of Yeshua or Jesus .
My sense is that we would see a lot more
results of people being set free and evidence
of dramatically changed lives if we would
minister after the model we were given
popular .
There is a similar trend when it comes to intercession . There is a lot of focus placed on intercessory warfare coming against territorial spirits and principalities – sometimes over vast regions or nations .
It is interesting to me that there is not even one reference of Yeshua or His disciples praying in such a manner .
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