Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 6 Adar I | February 2022 - Page 10

And the Two Shall Become

Is it just me , or does it seem like Adam had it easy ? He didn ’ t need to find a wife , for it was God that made one specifically for him . He didn ’ t have to choose or woo a woman , there was only one woman in the whole world and she had only one man to choose from – him !
It ’ s a bit harder for us as men ( and women ) in the 21st century . We want to pursue the opposite sex biblically but we can ’ t model our approach off of Adam who had it easy . In reality , there is precious little about the process of getting married in the Scriptures .


There are , however , some Biblical principles that are helpful . I call them principles because every couple ’ s story is unique : God told Hosea to go marry a harlot !
One of the most loving relationships I ’ ve ever witnessed was Eddie and Jackie Santoro who were engaged within three days of meeting ! These amazing stories of God ’ s goodness must be understood as exceptions to principles of wisdom and not a basis for your own journey .
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