Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 7

I was never the one with lots of pictures of myself in the school yearbooks nor the first one to be invited to parties or get-togethers . I ’ ve also never been a “ best man ” in a wedding . For whatever reason , people did not typically seek me out to get together .
If you can relate , my exhortation to you would be to take the initiative to reach out to others . In this stage of my life , I am rewarded with several close friends that stuck together for decades , and many more that I consider good acquaintances . Many of these friendships would not have developed without a determination that I wasn ’ t going to sit alone feeling dejected .

G o d w a n t s y o u t o h a v e h e a l t h y f r i e n d s h i p s , s o s t e p o u t t o b e a n e n c o u r a g e m e n t a n d p o s i t i v e c o m p a n i o n t o o t h e r s .

A doorway to true friendship is learning how to be an encourager . I Thessalonians 5:11 challenges us to “ encourage one another and build each other up — just as you in fact are doing .”
But some of you might feel that you have lots of friends , but little depth in the relationship or mutual vulnerability . One thing that people have in common is that we want to be seen , known , and appreciated . But social media can provide a false sense of connection by the number of “ likes ” on our page or views of our “ content .” But this can leave you feeling empty .
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