Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 26

“ I will go into the fire rather than reject the name of my God .” In fact , I would argue that the miracle of supernatural strength to be willing to undergo such suffering is just as much of a miracle as the fact that the men were not
burned .
There are thousands of stories of people who were handed God ’ s treasures in the very moment of their
suffering .
Think of Stephen when he was being stoned , the apostle Paul ( Sha ’ ul ) on several occasions during multiple beatings and imprisonments , for Joan of Arc being burnt at the stake , Corrie Ten Boom in Nazi concentration camps , and even just this past April with the pastors in Mozambique who lost their families at the hands of ISIS .
Our Savior has always been the Savior of the underdog , the abused , the victimized , and the outcast . His saving work is not always to deliver us from the suffering of our flesh . Instead , He brings us into a deeper intimacy with Him through our suffering and He brings down His kingdom treasures to share with us .
So , the final word is in : God ’ s goodness is complete , final , and secure .
It is good enough !
There are thousands of testimonies that have been compiled in sources like Voices of the Martyrs ( John Foxe ) that speak of the truth that God brings down His treasures from heaven in the very moment of a person ’ s suffering .
This continues to be one of the most significant ways He reveals Himself to others . Most every person understands that human beings are not capable of having true joy , forgiveness , courage , or peace in the face of suffering . These things are true works of God .
And they speak loudly of His nature .
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