Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 25

I saw a grandfather up in his attic rummaging through old boxes . He finally found what he was looking for – an unlabeled box . He brought it down to his living room where his grandson was waiting . With a smile , the grandfather opened his box and the little boy peered inside . It was full of all kinds of treasures the grandfather had been saving – special stuff that very few even got to know about , let alone see . The little boy looked with wonder and the grandfather began to hand him treasures from inside the box .
The Lord was showing me that He brings down His kingdom treasures to those who suffer . He does this in the very moment of their suffering . Such treasures might be the tangible comfort of the Holy Spirit , openedeyed visions of Messiah and His conquering love , supernatural peace and joy , indefatigable confidence in the Lord ’ s goodness .
But honestly , I ’ m not sure your goodness is good enough , Father . Where is your goodness to reverse the horror of evil ? I know in the end , your Son will come and utterly crush evil . But what about those who are crushed by evil in the
meantime ?”
Then the Lord spoke something that changed my life . I heard Him say to me in a very soft voice , “ Hallel , You have no idea what I provide those people in the very moment of their suffering .”
As soon as He spoke , a revelation filled me .
The bottom line is this : the level of God ’ s extreme and miraculous power rises to not only meet , but also EXCEED the level of extreme darkness . He not only does this on a global level as we approach the return of the Messiah , but He also has done and will continue to do this for us all on a personal level .
The personal miracles God performs in extreme situations are not only external , like the three men in Scripture saved from burning in the fiery furnace , but also internal , like the divine strength to say ,
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