Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 24

I do not want to diminish these sufferings . But in cases of extreme suffering so severe that it makes your blood curdle , I have questions . I ’ ve not ever experienced such suffering and there are millions of people more qualified than I am to speak on this matter . Perhaps if I had experienced some of these things , my questions would have been answered .
I honestly felt I couldn ’ t take it anymore . It was out of this place that I finally came to the Lord one day . I had to be raw and honest with God about my doubts of His
goodness .
My conversation with Him went something like this :
“... God , I am so disturbed by the little bit I know of human suffering . You have seen it all since the beginning . You see every single thing that has happened to every single individual . You see all the horrific things that are happening even this very moment as I speak to You in the comfort of my sheltered and privileged life . How can You stand it ?”
“ Yes . I see it all .”
“ So , where is the redemption in all of it ? How can there be a
‘ good ending ’ to the story of a person who undergoes horrific abuse ? There ’ s nothing anyone can say to make such suffering
‘ better ’ or less horrific , less evil . I know you are good .
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