Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 21

Let us pray and believe that Yeshua will reveal Himself and awaken the slumbering , for such is this generation of young adults , woke to deceptive philosophies of our age , but dead or asleep to the truth and reality of Yeshua .
Secondly , let us now begin with what remains , those who are followers of Yeshua and raising young children . We begin with preschool children . Let us create a true counterculture including alternative schools , both private schools
( as we did some 40 years ago ) and home school consortiums .
Let us turn off the internet and have no unsupervised internet for minor children . Limit the time on the screens . Then let us create a reading culture in our families by introducing great stories to our children , having them explore great books . and discuss those books with your children , and evaluate the lessons learned together . Let us give our children access to beauty through nature , hikes , camping , learning musical instruments , listening to inspiring music , and contemplating great art .
Let us center our lives on Bible reading , together and in personal devotions . encourage you also to take When creating a counterculture , there is a danger that we overprotect our children and that they will not be able to cope with the real world . We need much wisdom here . Sufficient and guided understanding of the world , its teaching , and its influence is needed if our children are to be able to face this world with courage and not fall apart when exposed to it . As children need to play in the dirt to develop their immune system , sufficient guided exposure to the world is needed if the children are to grow up to face this world with courage and an unshakeable faith in God .
Yes , we need to educate our children about the world so they will not be overwhelmed . But we can purpose to raise a generation that will not abandon the faith .
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