Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 17

From that passage of Scripture , I would pray as the Lord led me . On my last day alone with the Lord , He instructed me to read from the Song of Solomon — and to read every chapter . He instructed me to write down a prayer from the bride to her Bridegroom and a prayer from the Groom to His bride . Then He instructed me to read aloud what the bride was saying to the Bridegroom , and then what the Bridegroom was saying to His bride . He said , This is from My heart to yours . As I read I was overwhelmed that He could love me and see me so differently from how I saw myself . This encounter with Him was life changing .
I swam in this Song for several months . Early one morning in this season I had a dream before I awoke . In this dream I saw a young woman standing at the base of a mountain right before the sunrise . In the distance beyond the mountain there was a storm approaching , and this young woman became very frightened and began to cry out to God for protection . In the heavens was a window and a hand reached through the window and pulled this young woman into a face to face encounter with Yeshua .
At the time of this dream , this woman was me . Yeshua had thick black curly locks of hair and they were dripping with the dew of the morning . A lot was communicated from just His countenance alone . His love for me was beyond words , yet I could sense His sadness that I did not know the depth of His great love for me .
He then laid me on a rock cliff on the side of the mountain and covered me with His mantle . I lay there expressing my sorrow for not having known how much He loved me . Then I woke from my dream . Yeshua said when we have seen Him we have seen the Father ” ( John 14:9 ). Here again God ' s love for me is expressed in a way that I can ' t fully understand . How He could know not only the good but also the bad and the ugly and still love us is unbelievably true . Through the gift of our Father ' s Holy Spirit this love is shed abroad
( from the Greek word ekcheo : is defined as being poured out , distributed largely and gushing ) in our hearts , and that we can hear and know this . I know this not only for my relationship with the Father but for His relationship with all of His children . He loves us so much ! And by His Spirit we love Him so much ! We love Him so much !
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