Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 16

We were definitely clinging to one another and all that was coming out of both of our mouths was I love you so much ! I love you so much ! with tears streaming down our faces . Then I awakened from the dream . When pondering this dream , my thought was that this is the way it is in the Kingdom , replaced and restored in the shalom of our Father , walking with Him in the cool of the day in His garden house , His resting place .
While I was at work , the Lord had spoken to me to get away for the weekend and for a time of fasting and prayer . That night in the service my Pastor ' s message was on hearing the voice of God , and at the close of his message he suggested that we
“ … may just need to get away and fast and pray one weekend .”
So I did ! Each morning I would get up and let the Lord direct me in what passage of Scripture He wanted me to read .
Though many of my brothers and sisters are in this garden with our Father , no one is interrupting each other as they converse face to face with our Heavenly Father . We all know our Father ' s love for our brothers and sisters in this garden and we too are able to fully express I love you so much ! I love you so much to both our Heavenly Father and also to each other . In this resting place we only see one another in the light of our Father ’ s face , with no list of wrongs anywhere to be found .
In the dream with my father his countenance was the same as the countenance of Yeshua . Many years ago , the Lord had taken me into a time of reflection in the book of the Song of Solomon . I had taken time to get alone for the weekend to fast and pray for my husband , our children and the congregation that we were attending . There was strife and division in this congregation that was resulting in many being wounded , including members of my family .
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