Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 15


Intimacy with the Father

My father passed away last year , on September 19th , 2020 . Early one morning while staying with my mother , I had a dream . In this dream I was in a large bedroom , a resting place . This room was a garden room filled with beautiful flowers , trees and plants . My father , my mother and all of my siblings were in this room together and my father moved from one sibling to another and interacted with them , literally “ face to face .”
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My father was taller than all of us , but in this dream he was eye to eye with each of us . He moved to speak with my brother , and though I could not hear the conversation , I knew and understood what they were saying . My father was expressing his delight in my brother , he was expressing his thankfulness for his service to him . My father ’ s expression of pleasure was full . My father and I were reaching out to one another . He was holding me , and I was holding him as he was squeezing me tightly .