Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 13

There have been many times I was provoked by compassion to pray for people in need of a miracle . Blind eyes , dead limbs , deaf ears , diseases of all kinds , and people confined to wheelchairs for all sorts of reasons .
But I must confess that the most powerful results of a Heavenly demonstration came right in the midst of powerful praise and glorious worship . I believe this is because Yeshua will not share His glory with men who are so tempted to enjoy the accolades for what he alone can do . Was it David ’ s harp that was enshrined for being a ‘ ghostbuster ’ instrument ? Neither should any man take the glory when the King uses the strings of our lives to do something good for others .
I am constantly challenging myself with regards to heart and motivation . At the end of the day , I honestly believe that the fruit of our ministries is linked to a simple word …
Humility .
A truly humble heart won ’ t take credit or even responsibility because it will say ; ‘ I only did what I was told to do .’ Obedience to the Father was the key to the power and authority of the life of Yeshua , and it is the goal of my heart to be obedient to the voice of my Messiah as well . In this , whatever is demonstrated of His life through me will result in praise , honor and glory to Him , and to Him alone .
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