Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 12

First , they are a demonstration of the deep and abiding love that Yeshua has for His creation , and His desire to see the restoration of all things .
Second , they are a huge factor in provoking the fear of God in the hearts of people and bring glory and honor to His name . In the past I traveled some with Benny Hinn and saw the response of the nations to the miraculous . The demonstrations of the power of Heaven to impact the people was amazing and real . What people didn ’ t realize was that for hours prior to the official start , many teams of intercessors were dispatched among the crowd to pray for anyone who needed healing .
Then , somewhere during the worship , Pastor Benny would call people forward to witness to what had happened in their lives . After they told of miracles and the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives , he would pray for them before they left the platform . The miracles had already happened before they came to testify publicly … It was the prayer , praise and presence that made the difference ; the demonstration had happened before the declaration !
For many years I have heard from people about the wonderful things the Lord has done for them during times of intimate worship and prayer . “ Provoking the Presence ” is one of those lines I have used over and over to help people understand what it is that we are doing with the sounds of praise and worship .
Also , the positioning of our hearts to worship and cause faith to rise and find expressions of hope and anticipation in His Presence . Or even simply to give Yeshua the honor and glory due His Name . I love how worship and prayer takes all the attention and the responsibility off of me to ‘ do something ’, and simply allows me to be a worshiper in spirit and in truth . Don ’ t misunderstand me here ; when Heaven speaks , we do have a responsibility to respond in kind .
Worship does , however , play a significant part in the moving and demonstration of the Spirit of God , like David ’ s harp before Saul , the minstrel ’ s role with the prophet , etc ., but the harp and minstrel should be very cautious before they assume that it was their ministry that did the demonstrating !
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