Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 5 Sh'vat | January 2022 - Page 11

Then I remembered what Yeshua said in John 10 and again in John 14 . " Basically He said , if you don ’ t believe the words I am speaking , then believe because of the works you see me do ." The works Yeshua did on behalf of the poor and needy were done to alleviate pain and suffering for sure , but they were also signs to declare that He was indeed the Messiah , the Holy One of Israel .
The miracles also spoke of the love of God , the one who carries our sorrows and pain , and His desire that we would live long and prosper , even as our souls prosper .
Again , in John 14 Yeshua says that if we believe in Him we will do the works He is doing , and even greater works because He was going to the Father . Now I was really conflicted ; do I stop singing and expect signs and wonders to break out , keep singing or preaching , what do I do ? I decided to continue in the direction I was already traveling and see if any more instruction would follow . No other words of direction came , so I decided to finish and speak with the Lord about all this sometime later .
I must admit that for a little while I was feeling pressure to DO something , and I continued to pray about what that something was .
The pressure finally left when I heard in the Spirit that He wasn ’ t expecting me to do anything , He was simply asking me to give Him some space to demonstrate that He is Lord .
Ok , I can do that !
I have always been provoked by signs and wonders . The reason for them occurring is , as I see it , two-fold .
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