Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 4 Tevet | December 2021 - Page 23

Juleon Akana

Lifestyle Evangelism

As followers of Yeshua the Messiah we are called to testify to the grace and mercy of the Lord in every sphere of life , to give ourselves as living sacrifices
( Romans 12:1 ) and to lead lives that are worthy of the calling which we have been called ( Ephesians 4:1 ). Yet in this , what does it truly mean to let our lives become an offering , or to live out a calling of Lifestyle Evangelism ?
Yeshua came preaching the Kingdom of God , and He commanded His followers to do the same —
“ As you go , proclaim , the kingdom of heaven is near , heal the sick , cleanse those afflicted with tzara ’ at , expel demons . You have received without paying , so give without asking payment ” ( Matthew 10:6-8 ).
Some are called to a ministerial office , while others are called to build a career within the secular world . Wherever life leads , we are being transformed into mature believers and , as like-minded Jews and Gentiles , are being formed into Yeshua ’ s one new humanity
( Ephesians 2:15 , 4:15 ).
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