Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine ISSUE 23 Tamuz | June 2023 | Page 15



Across the Scriptures , the heroes of Israel respond to the God of Israel with the cry הנני “ Hineni – Here I am ” in critical moments of their lives . Abraham at the עקידת Akedah ( the binding of Isaac ), Samuel in the Tabernacle in service to Eli , and Isaiah in response to seeing the Lord Himself high and lifted up . And we see this phrase in the mouth of Ananias of Damascus in Acts 9:10 . In fact , if you do a search of the English NKJV text , you can find this phrase nearly 30 times throughout Scripture .
This phrase is often the reply in the midst of a challenging request from the Lord . In Genesis 22 , the Lord asked Abraham to offer up Isaac as a sacrifice to test Abraham ’ s commitment to Him . Though Abraham did not yet know the test that was about to be set before him , his first heart response to the Lord was “ Here I am ,” He was telling the Lord that independent of the task , he is available and willing to do the Lord ’ s bidding .
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