Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 21 Iyyar | May 2023 | Page 12

In recent years I have connected to leaders , congregations and movements of congregations that were zealous to practice the gifts and manifestations of the Spirit and to see miracles . More recently , I pointed to John Wimber ' s Vineyard congregational movement . His large congregation of 7,000 in Anaheim , California , which I visited in 1989 , was notable for the manifestations of the Spirit and even in the very large congregation . This included tongues , interpretation , prophecy , words of knowledge prophecy , amazing healings and more . There would also be manifestations of prophecy and healings on the cutting edge of evangelism .
Wimber practiced a freer orientation in his large gathering than in our practice where only those who were vetted for maturity would minister publicly in the spoken gifts .
In recent years we have been concerned that our congregations really experience the gifts of the Spirit as a normal part of their life together . We have invited Sid Roth , Robbie Dawkins , and last year Randy Clark to our Tikkun Restore conferences . I think our last conference in Tikkun America made the greatest gains . We desire that the experience within our congregations be a supernatural normal .
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