Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 2 Cheshvan | October 2021 - Page 21

Dazzling & Dazzled

When we worship the LORD with other people , there is the powerful potential for a give-and-take between beings ; a sort of inherent " kinetic " energy ; a tangible exchange of life .
God uses worship , and He often does so to minister directly to us through others .
God also truly delights in ministering to people through people . As we all know , the verb “ to minister ” can also be translated “ to serve .” And God so delights to minister to people through their voluntary choice to minister to Him . In short , we can say that healing can be , and often is a byproduct of ministry to God ' s heart and ministering the heart of God to another person .
When we worship together , we have the opportunity to be dazzled by God ' s amazing nature and at the same time to dazzle through His amazing Spirit . This multi-directional exchange of ministry is the machinery , the very vehicle by which healing can come . Communal worship is the road for that vehicle .
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