Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 19 Adar | March 2023 | Page 7

A Prophet as a Prophet

" We don ’ t choose who God will send our way . But when they arrive , do we receive them with faith or simply write them off ?"
My mind started to shut down , and my eyes glazed over as if a thick fog had settled over me . The person on the stage was speaking , but I wasn ’ t engaged any longer to receive what the person was saying . I know the reason why . I had pre-judged this person as too melodramatic and selfimportant for my taste , and he just rubbed me the wrong way .
So my immediate response was to tune out the message . But then I arrested myself . I was convicted by the fact that this person was passionate for God and may have been inspired with something from the Lord that I could receive . Fighting back the fog , I took a breath and really tried to lean in again and listen to what the Spirit might be conveying through the individual .
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