Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 17 Tevet | January 2023 - Page 11

Being A People

By Joy

What are you empowered by ? What ’ s the fuel in your tank ? I ’ d like to suggest that we are designed by the Lord to run on the powerful fuel of joy . Joy can mean a feeling of great pleasure , happiness , rejoicing , cheerfulness , or even calm delight . This is not the caricature of joy where one is always happy or never having a bad day , nor facing trials . That ’ s a caricature of joy , not the real thing .
Real joy is relational . Joy happens when you walk into a room , and your friend ’ s face lights up because they are glad to see you . Then your face lights up in response , and you both are glad to be together . That is Relational Joy . The deep sense of being glad to be together .
Abundant Joy and Calm Delight
Regarding joy , Psalm 16:11 reads , “ You reveal the path of life to me ; in your presence is abundant joy ; at your right hand are eternal pleasures .” ( CSB )
In Hebrew the word for “ presence ” is the same word for “ face .” So another way to translate Psalm 16:11 is , “ in your face is abundant joy ".
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