Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 16 Kislev | December 2022 | Page 6

IMAGINE that .

Cavorting around the room , a little boy bellows with a loud “ NEIGH !” and kicks up both feet in the air before continuing his jaunt weaving between the couches and around the coffee table . His sister calmly saunters up to him and loosely drapes a blanket over his back . “ There , there . Now you are tame and ready to ride !” She hops onto his back and together they both gallop throughout the house , neighing and whooping between giggles of laughter .
Most children are masters of imagination , entertaining themselves for hours with action figures , legos , dolls , and even everyday objects like ropes , sticks , and blankets . I remember the myriad days of simulated war games that the neighborhood kids hosted in the forest behind my childhood home . My guess is that you can recall your childhood imaginations — pretending to live as a powerful superhero , a big-screen actor , an elegant dancer , a dominant sports star , a famous singer , a confident policeman , or a dynamic preacher . The list goes on .
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