Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 16 Kislev | December 2022 | Page 10


“ Trust in Adonai with all your heart ; do not rely on your own understanding . In all your ways acknowledge him ; then he will level your paths .” - Proverbs 3:5-6 CJB
When we get that call for ministry , whatever that calling may be , we tend to initially feel a bit apprehensive . We may start to question if what we thought we heard from the Lord was right . Then we become excited about what Adonai is going to do through us . Now there are many types of ministry that Adonai calls us to . Maybe He ’ s calling you to the mission field , to music ministry , or to work with the children . Regardless of what ministry Yeshua is calling you into , one thing that is absolutely certain is when Adonai calls , the enemy will freak out , and the trials will begin . That ’ s how it was for my husband and myself .
Trials for us began before the actual calling was answered or the promise in us fulfilled . I say this , not to discourage , but to remind all of you that Adonai prepares a way even before we know we ’ re being called , and the enemy will even then strike at us in hopes of keeping us from entering into Adonai ’ s calling for our lives !
The calling which came for us began in 2001 just after our move to San Diego , CA . Within the first few years , before the call was answered , the enemy tried to take my husband Mark out - twice . Because of the hardships surrounding these attacks , my husband lost his job and the financial problems started and
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