Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 15 Cheshvan | November 2022 - Page 6



A loss of taste has been reported by many as one of the strange side effects of the COVID-19 virus .

A friend of mine related the story of how his daughter experienced an even more horrific effect — a long-covid condition called parosmia caused all food to taste like rancid garbage , so much so that she wanted to wretch each time she ate . Sometimes , this condition is permanent . After more than ten months of suffering and breaking down in despondent tears , Adonai miraculously healed her just twelve days before her wedding day . She was able to enjoy her wedding cake , this time with laughter and tears of joy .
Recently , I ’ ve had several conversations with believers who have expressed that they “ lost their taste ” for the Lord . Reading the Word and spending time in the Father ’ s Presence didn ’ t have the same appeal to them as it used to . And worse yet , several have become turned off and even repulsed by God and His Ways .
There are a number of reasons why someone ’ s taste for the Spirit wanes . In many cases , the individual has saturated themselves with media and music that are permeated with a worldview that runs counter to the Kingdom of God . Instead of a consistent diet of truth , the spiritual food is tainted and twisted . Like a virus , it spreads and attacks the normal and
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