Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 14 Tishrei | October 2022 - Page 7

Or perhaps you didn ’ t realize you had stepped in it . You are sitting in the house with friends or family when someone exclaims , “ What ’ s that smell ! It smells like dog-doo !” Everyone simultaneously checks their shoes , hoping that it does not end up to be them . Sure enough , one person discovers the fetid residue clinging to the crevices of their shoe . Everyone else points and howls in unison toward the offender , “ EW ! Get that out of here !”
You get the idea . Though humorous , this anecdote can actually be an analogy for unintentional sin that invades our lives .
This month is Tishrei , the cyclical season of introspection , repentance , God ’ s righteous judgment , and atonement . The month of Elul leading up to the High Holy Days is often a time for contemplative prayer and preparation . Even if you “ missed ” this year ’ s opportunity to get ready , I encourage you to do some selfreflection now in order to repent fully before God of sins and behaviors that might have crept in throughout the year .
Most of us have a conscience that lets us know when we have sinned — we feel guilt when we lash out in anger toward others or act in a manner that we know is not right or moral . But what about those times when we don ’ t realize that we have sinned ? First , it is helpful to understand what sin is .
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