Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 14 Tishrei | October 2022 - Page 25

Most believers have no issue with the idea that the Jewish people were the chosen people of God in the Old Covenant Scriptures . But what about today ? What about the Jewish people who have embraced Yeshua ? Are they part of what Paul calls the “ irrevocable call ” in Romans 11:29 ? And , if so , what does that mean ?
As leaders , in Israel , we have found three views on this topic . First , there is Replacement Theology , or the conviction that the Gentile Church has now wholly replaced Israel as the people of God and the belief that God is finished with the Jewish people . Secondly , there is the idea that although God ’ s hand is upon Israel , Messianic Jews are no longer connected to national Israel , but are now part of the Church . This view holds that when a Jew embraces Yeshua , they have now come up as part of the One New Man , and their identity as a Jew is no longer relevant .
Continuing , advocates of this view insist that Messianic Jews cannot claim to be unique and of God ’ s chosen people , while at the same time , excluding Gentile believers . Many Christian Zionists hold this view ; and while they love unbelieving Israel , they also distance themselves from Jews who embrace Yeshua . Finally , there is the belief that Jewish believers are both connected to Israel and her irrevocable calling , as well as part of the global ecclesia ( body of believers ). There is no racial superiority or special standing , but instead a unique role to play , particularly in the End Times .
For those who oppose number three ( which is our position ), their opposition is almost always rooted not in theology but instead hurt feelings , misunderstanding , or jealousy of God ’ s amazing love for the Gentiles . Indeed , many people who have conclude that replacement theology is correct have developed their ideas from a place of frustration over how much the Bible speaks of Israel . For such , the idea that they are now the new-Israel is great news for them , making them feel better — even though it is based on bad theology .
It has often been said that some non- Jewish believers at times read of God ’ s central role for Israel and feel left out .
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