Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 14 Tishrei | October 2022 - Page 18

God is very gracious . Those times were still ripe with revelation , but I needed to discover how to simply be with God , how to just show up . I am still learning this , but I can tell you that now , as I sit with Him daily very early in the morning , my heart wells up before Him and I often can ’ t help but saying , “ I just love You so much ! Thank You for spending this time with me !” More than ever before , I can ’ t wait for the wee hours of the morning because it is truly one of the most wonderful , special parts of my every day . I get to snuggle with my Father . And I am sure that any of the doing He calls me to will come from a much cleaner , stronger place as I am surrounded by His arms . As He daily fills up the well of my soul to overflowing , the overflow of His love can bathe anything He puts in my path .
As we approach the High Holy Day season , we focus on His sovereignty , His Holiness , our call to repentance , forgiveness , and intercession . We attend services , we fast — we do . Indeed , it is a busy time and there is much to be done . But I want to encourage you to remember that you are first and foremost YOU . You may be a husband , a wife , a mom , a dad , a rabbi , a businesswoman , a student , an athlete , an artist . But before you were any of these things , you were His child . You are made to regularly receive His love for you . His arms are still wide open to you . You don ’ t have to do anything . Just show up .
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