Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 14 Tishrei | October 2022 - Page 17

And indeed , there is much work to be done in every area of life . Of the area of life which matters so deeply to me , the Kingdom of God is the greatest ; where Yeshua said that the harvest is huge , but there aren ’ t that many workers . I know the heart of God is blessed by our sincere desire to do for Him .
So , as I rather suddenly found myself in a place of putting the brakes on a lot of the doing , it was not only awkward and very uncomfortable for me , but it was confusing . You see , the LORD allowed me to come to place where I was startled to find that in all my doing and sincere love for Him , I was not connecting to Him in a way that He designed for me : AS HIS PRECIOUS CHILD .
My children often want to do for me because they like to impress me , surprise me , or get an approving remark . But do you know what I love the most when it comes to my interactions with every single one of my four kids ? I love when they come to me for a hug , or a snuggle , or a kiss on the cheek . At any moment , one or more of them seek me out for a “ refill ” of love . That invitation for an all-enveloping expression of my love for them is always open to them and they do not have to do anything other than just show up . And it is without a doubt one of my favorite ways to be with my kids — just pouring out my love on them while they are in a posture to fully receive it . How much more so with the Father ? Without realizing it or meaning to , I was sustaining much ( maybe even all ?) of
the doing in my own strength which suddenly ran dry . I was beyond tapped out , and I didn ’ t even know it . I had gone a LONG time without receiving hugs from the Father . All my interactions with the LORD had become me doing things for Him-- intercession , ministry , worship leading — always seeking His agenda for the moment for the sake of other people .
Even as I would have time with the LORD one-on-one , I was always seeking some kind of answer to a question , clarity to some kind of scenario , always agenda-driven . Even when I would think I was breaking out of the all the doing , my mindset was still stuck there . In my times one-on-one with the LORD , I would often ask , “ What do You want to do with this time ?”
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