Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 14 Tishrei | October 2022 - Page 14

All of history is summarized in three consecutive Psalms : Psalm 22 , Psalm 23 , and Psalm 24 . They form a trilogy . Psalm 22 is all about the suffering servant of Passover . It begins with Yeshua ’ s words from the cross , spoken on the eve of Pesach where in Psalm 22:2a we read ,
“ My God , my God , why have You forsaken me ?”
Psalm 23 is all about the present ministry of Yeshua where the Psalmist states in the second half of verse 1 that “ Adonai is my shepherd .” Then in Psalm 24 we are reading about the future where in Psalm 24:7 declares ,
“ Lift up your heads , O gates , and be lifted up , you everlasting doors : that the King of glory may come in .”
The meaning of Sukkot is captured in the use of the Lulav and the Etrog , known as the “ four species .” These are waved before the Lord throughout the holiday . We are very familiar with the number three representing Father , Son , and Holy Spirit . Here , these 3 are symbolized by the three types of branches in the Lulav . The palm is tall and straight , representing God the Father . The willow is bent over , representing Yeshua ’ s humility . The myrtle has leaves that look like lips representing the kisses of the Holy Spirit .
Then there is the Etrog which is chosen because it is the size and shape of the human heart . These four are held together on Sukkot and waived before the Lord as we recognize His promise to make us one with Him . My prayer is that we will all celebrate God ’ s appointed feast days with “ Cavenah ,” Hebrew for “ intentionality .” May we all enjoy a sweet new year , a great day of intercession on Yom Kippur and the fullness of Sukkot when we are commanded to be joyful .
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