Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 14 Tishrei | October 2022 | Page 13

Yes , Passover , First Fruits , and Shavuot ( known as the Spring Feasts ) all commemorate the events of Yeshua ’ s first coming . Now , we advance 6 months , into the fall months of the year as God commands us to memorialize His second coming , which is soon , but is not yet .
In the Talmud , the majority of the rabbis arrive at a false conclusion . They contemplate these two seasons with an understanding of their connection to two different messiahs , Mashiach ben Joseph ( the Suffering Servant ) who comes in the spring and Mashiach ben David ( the Reigning King ), who comes in the fall . In the dialogue provided within the Talmud , one rabbi suggests ,
“ What if these two Messiahs are really only One Messiah Who comes twice ?” He got it right , but sadly , the majority voted him down .
To support their point of view , the rabbis recognize that these two Messiahs are even from different tribes . Mashiach , the Son of Joseph is from the tribe of Ephraim , while Mashiach , the Son of David is the Lion of the tribe of Judah . Yet the Shema declares the oneness of God . It caused Maimonides such a “ headache ” that he refused to even mention Mashiach ben Joseph in his writings . Of course , this is not an issue for God , Who is in the loins of our father Abraham , Isaac and then Jacob .
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