Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 12 Av | August 2022 | Page 13

Many of us have tended to focus simply on the topic of Jewish roots and biblical calendars , more than the heart of this connection that Yeshua introduced at the cross and the resurrection in TONM ( Eph . 2:11-22 ). This is a love and servitude that our founding Emissaries carried along with so many Jewish believers that established the early Messianic community . Additionally , some of us can be critical of the Gentile Church who does not recognize their own roots and heritage .
Don ’ t get me wrong , I ’ m not saying that Jewish roots and heritage , biblical calendars , and our re-associations to the Feasts are not good or wonderful things . However , if this becomes the heart of our focus instead of love and reconciliation in God ’ s family to restore unity between us to release the greater power for Israel ’ s salvation and the end-time harvest , then we have MISSED THE MARK !
This Reconnection is motivated by the Father ’ s love for Yeshua , Yeshua ’ s love for the Father , their love for us , and our love for one another ( John 17 ). Of this the prophet Isaiah cries out , “ Build up , build up !” ( Isa . 57:14 ). And this is how we must rebuild , with love and forgiveness blazing the trail .
So what about us on the Messianic side of the family ? What prevents us from developing greater love and unity with our Christian family and the Gentile Church ?
Furthermore , such a position can cause many of us to become critical and judgmental of the Gentile Church , instead of beginning to recognize how the blindness they suffer from was brought about , and in turn for us , beginning to learn how to pray that the Lord would remove their blindness and bring healing , so that the Church might be able to see more clearly .
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