Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 12 Av | August 2022 | Page 12

I truly believe in this day that out of the judgments , come His heart to restore His body ( His Holy Temple – 1 Cor . 3:16-17 ) and make us ready for all that is coming .
Beloved , those of us who believe know the end of the story . Those of us who tarry with Him until the end , will be victorious . The great questions now are , ‘ how do we get there ?’, ‘ what will it take ?’, and ‘ what has to happen between now and then for it to transpire ?’ I have been convinced that there must be a shift in how we interact with one another in the Church to bring an end to the separation and division which exists between us . Likewise , we are called to expose the enemy in this area , and take back the power he has stolen from us .
This is not just about Jewish roots , or an issue of heritage , instead , it is a deeper connection to the Spirit , which the Father is now drawing our attention to at this time .
There is a greater balance here between our relationships with each other in TONM , and Jewish roots ; and love must pave the way !
But the question I have for all those reading this article is , ‘ do you believe this to be true ?’ Is what I am saying about a pathway to the glory in John 17 going to come about through us helping Him to restore that ONENESS between us , so that He can release the greater power and the end-time revival ?
We know up to this point , the Church has not adequately understood us ( Messianic Jewish believers ), and in the past , this has given us reason to be separate from them . However , this is beginning to change , as God ’ s children from the nations look deeper into their understanding of Jewish roots , heritage , and an even greater hunger for more .
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