Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 12 Av | August 2022 - Page 24

Listening to the Holy Spirit

In Luke ’ s gospel , we read about Yeshua sending us what our Father promised , the Ruach HaKodesh . He exhorted the emissaries to wait in Yerushalayim until they were clothed with the Spirit ’ s power . In fact , it was to our advantage that He left , for if He did not go away , the Helper would not be sent to us ( John 16:7 ).
The Holy Spirit dwells in every believer , directs , and empowers those who receive Him to hear His voice in ministry :
“… I will ask the Father , and He will give you another Helper , to be with you forever – the Spirit of Truth … He dwells with you …” ( John 14:16-17 ).
The Ruach lives perpetually throughout the generations and confirms God ’ s Word ! This is why Yeshua told His disciples that He was sending them the Helper .
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There are many disagreements about the person and work of the Spirit . He is alive , and His role hasn ’ t changed . If we are to identify as followers of Yeshua , we need to be so close to our Savior