Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 11 Tamuz | July 2022 | Page 8

Through Yeshua , God broadens His plan for redeeming and subduing the world . Yeshua ushers in the culmination of God ’ s plan for blessing . Remember , to bless literally means , “ to kneel ”. Philippians 2:6-11 strikingly demonstrates Adonai ’ s great humility in giving us the greatest gift – His Son . Yeshua ’ s life becomes the most powerful proclamation of blessing .
It reminds me of one time when I stepped out of a canoe close to shore . There was no way to know that instead of hard ground , there was a deposit of thick , black mud . My foot sank quickly into the mud and continued to sink until the muck rose all the way up to my calf . It took great effort to free my leg from the thick , slimy mud . I couldn ’ t get back in the canoe , but had to trudge step by step through the mud until I finally found hard ground again . This is what it is like to walk in life outside of the blessing of God . Everything becomes harder .
Yet , Adonai ’ s plan has always been to equip and empower His Creation to fulfill His purposes . Even now , His desire is to return us to a place of blessing so that we are transferred from a place of shame and failure to a place of wholeness and effectiveness .
And moreover , Yeshua transfers the authority of the power of blessing to the community of believers . Like the parable of the mustard seed compared to the growth of the Kingdom of God , we see that God ’ s plan of blessing the whole world starts small with Adam and Eve , Noah , and Abraham , but through the centuries grows to include the nation of Israel , then the first followers of Yeshua , and now offered to all nations of the world .
So what ’ s the problem ? Why is it still so hard for us to walk in that continued place of blessing and assurance ? How can we get out of the mud and back onto solid ground ? Next month , we will continue to explore the power of blessing and how you can become an agent of this blessing to others .
Benjamin Juster Editor in Chief
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