Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 11 Tamuz | July 2022 | Page 7

God ’ s blessing made procreation , habitation , and dominion possible . When Adonai spoke blessing , He released and empowered Adam and Eve to fulfill His will , bestowing them with creative power and leadership that would be needed to satisfy His instructions .
In Hebrew , the word “ bless ” is the word baruch . The literal meaning is “ to kneel before someone .” It is like someone kneeling in humility to offer a gift . However , the primary spiritual connotation is “ to empower to prosper .”
When most of us hear the term
“ blessing ,” immediately we think of material things such as houses , cars , money or even health . In some ways these are a by-product of blessing . In the truest sense , blessing is more about who we are and what we do than what we have .
Blessing is God ’ s primary mechanism of imparting to a person His image
( thoughts , feelings , and purpose ) of identity ( Who am I ?) and destiny ( Why am I here ?). This is of critical importance because one ’ s vision for life , physical and emotional health , financial prosperity , and family relational dynamics are all directly linked to images of God , self , and others imprinted in the inner man
( heart ) of every person . “ As a man thinks in his heart , so is he ” ( Proverbs
23:7 ).
In the beginning , God spoke words to create the Heavens and the Earth . You are what you say and what you think , your destiny is the complete sum total of all your words and thoughts . Here is why everything starts with words .
You might have heard the phrase that :
Words create your thinking Your thinking creates your feelings Your feelings create your decisions Your decisions create your actions Your actions create your habits Your habits create your character Your character creates-Destiny Fulfilled !
But we are in a continuing battle to regain a posture that can receive blessing from God . Adam and Eve fell from blessing , unleashing sin and shame . By forfeiting the blessing of God , the responsibilities given to mankind became twisted , increasingly difficult , and even burdensome .
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