Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 11 Tamuz | July 2022 | Page 26

The American Church has pursued all kinds of goals but has generally not placed its focus where Yeshua did or intended for us as His Body . For Yeshua , He expected that those who ministered with Him would in fact find healing and in this “ As You Go ,” style of ministry - our emphasis would always be placed on others rather than on self or selfish interests and ambitions .
For many years , I have often asked the question ,
What if the American Church was in fact filled with Holy Spirit power , and focused their efforts not on self , but instead as Yeshua instructed where our attention was placed primarily on the marginalized and with Spirit-led
effectiveness ?
As the Body of Messiah , if we did this , would we still have a Black Lives Matter movement and an increase in the neo- Marxist ideas we are seeing today ?
I think not !
What if the Church was effective in the power of God with those who are bound by drugs , or those who struggle with sexual confusion and gender dysphoria ? What if even the blind would be healed , what if the lame would walk ? Imagine what the credibility of the Church , the Body of Messiah and the progress of the Gospel would be like now in American society if this was to take place ?
As I write this , I am reminded that there is now a new growing emphasis on Luke 4:18 in the Church . I was focused on this when I heard that our friend Mike Bickle at the “ International House of Prayer ” was embracing a prophetic time of focus on Luke 4:18 to be one of the defining foundations of their work and ministry . Though it is not large at this point , this emphasis is growing and could be part of the coming revival and restoration in the American Church .
The instruction and example of Luke 4:18 presented a ministerial vision for the marginalized in Israel in the first century , and this is equally possible and true for us now , as it has been available for every generation . We have so many that are marginalized in Israel today , and some congregations and ministries are giving themselves as well to this Luke 4:18 focus and vision . I hope that this will be a continued growing key to the Messianic Jewish movement in Israel , in America and around the
world !
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