Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 11 Tamuz | July 2022 | Page 22

and because grace and truth came through Yeshua , He will remove the obstacles , or walk with us through them ! As a gift , His grace is freely given , and we can freely extend it in relationship to others , through forgiveness , reconciliation , understanding and love !
Finally , the Father passes before Moses with His mercy or compassion . The Hebrew word for this is ‘ Rachamim ,’ where also we have the root for the woman ’ s womb , ‘ racham .’ The strongest connection of compassion and love is often illustrated in the connection between the expectant mother and the unborn child ! That child is dependent upon , and the recipient of everything the mother has to give . Because God is full of mercy , He moves toward us in our need ,
“ When He saw the crowds , He felt compassion for them , because they were HARASSED and HELPLESS , like sheep without a shepherd .” ( Matthew 9:36 , TLV , emphasis added )
This has been a season of transition , with increased demonic activity , challenges , and loss , yet the Kingdom of God is advancing ! The ‘ cleft of the rock ’ is that place of desiring his presence , his direction , resting and trusting in him , and doing only what he says .
How can we see His Kingdom advance in these days ? Love Yeshua passionately by making it a priority to spend time in His Word , worshiping Him and putting distractions aside so we can hear His voice and respond only to Him ! Align ourselves , our families , and our congregations with like-minded ministries in the area , consistently praying and strategizing together to see Yeshua exalted in our communities , thus walking in that John 17 unity , being a ‘ One-New-Man ’
expression !
Finally , as Adonai told Joshua , “ Chazak ! Be strong ! Do not be terrified or dismayed , FOR ADONAI YOUR GOD IS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO .”
( Joshua 1:9 , TLV )
Friends , expect to see Him move in these days , and let ’ s join with Him and walk in the strength and anointing of His Ruach HaKodesh !
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