Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 11 Tamuz | July 2022 | Page 21

He proclaimed Himself to Moses and the attributes of God that we can call on today because He never changes !
First , the Father ’ s goodness passed before Moses . When we are discouraged , depressed , anxious , fearful … whatever it is , we can declare that God , in spite of circumstances , is always good ! In my battle against cancer , I chose to declare His goodness and when I did , it brought me into a greater level of worship . Yeshua came to show us all the goodness of our Father ! Even though it seems the world has turned upside down , the fact that His goodness never changes should encourage us all . Because He is good , He will always be faithful to His
character !
The totality of His Name is in the person of Yeshua ! Declare His holy name , often and with confidence , and see His very nature defeat any enemy you may be confronted with .
Third , the Father declares His graciousness to Moses . ‘ Favor ’ and ‘ grace ’ often are the same word in Scripture . Any encounter with His glory will always involve His grace ! My personal definition of grace is that the indwelling presence of God in the person of Yeshua that enables me to be and to do all that He has purposed me to be and to do ! His grace is more than sufficient for any mountain we encounter ,
Second , God proclaimed His Name . When we are confronted with an impossibility or a giant , we can call on His very nature and soon learn that He has a name for every need we may have ! Again , I cried out to ‘ Adonai Rophenu ,’ The Lord our healer , declaring that His blood is more powerful than cancer or even COVID- 19 . In the Gospel of John , we see that the Name of God is associated with His very life ,
“… so that we may know Him who is true - and we are IN HIM who is true , IN HIS SON , Yeshua the Messiah …”.
( 1 John 5:20 , TLV , emphasis added )
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