Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 11 Tamuz | July 2022 | Page 20

and two Messianic congregations , crazy accusations , and a few betrayals , I have learned something I want to share in this article . I ’ ve personally experienced to a greater degree than ever before , what I have known and taught to many : Yeshua is my ROCK , He is my ANCHOR , He is my SOURCE and my very LIFE !
When Moses was at a crisis in Exodus 33 , leading a stiff-necked people who disobeyed and complained constantly , causing Father God to seemingly tell Moses that He was done with them and wouldn ’ t accompany them to the Promised Land , Moses had a choice . Many times , in the midst of difficulty or crisis we ask God “ WHY is this happening ?” As a YWAM ’ er ( Youth With A Mission ), Darlene Cunningham used to teach us to run to God and ask ,
“ WHAT are you teaching me in the midst of this trial ?”
“ 15 days to flatten the curve ,” was actually more ominous and that a “ return to normal ” was not going to happen , and indeed should never have happened .
In over four decades of walking with Yeshua : raising a blended family , surviving a diagnosis of cancer with a 20 % chance of survival over the next year ( over 30 years ago !), more than 20 years on the mission field , kidney disease , pioneering several ministries
Moses chose to literally get in God ’ s face – such chutzpah ! -- and cry , “ Please , show me your glory !” He knew what his commission and mandate was : deliver the Israelites out of Egypt , relying totally on his Heavenly Father . By the way , one of our greatest weapons to defeat the devil is knowing our unfinished assignment !
Getting back to Moses , God placed him in a ‘ cleft in a rock ” and passed before him ! What the Father did in that moment is what we need to press into while everything around us is shaking and shifting ! We need to rely upon how
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