Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 11 Tamuz | July 2022 | Page 17

Our hearing of the Good News of Yeshua must also be love motivated as well , for as noted at the beginning of verse 8 and verse 13 , not only does true love never fail , but it is even greater than emunah ( faith ) and even that of haktivah ( hope ) in the life of the believer !
From this we are forever reminded that our lives , calling and ministries must all be patterned after biblical love where the move of the Ruach is always to be matched by a love where we identify with the other for their good as we are guided by God ’ s holy instructions . Only this is true love , and from this foundation of biblical love , the Spirit of God always moves in the midst of His people !
Recently , at our 2022 Tikkun Leadership Conference in Ellicott City , MD , we were led in a short , but powerful exercise which had a lasting effect upon me and others who were there with me . In small groups of four , each of us took a turn filling in the blank in the following sentence with one word , as we spoke prophetically over one another :
" The greatness I see in you is ___________.”
Try it at the dinner table tonight . Then use this affirmation as an opportunity to pray and prophesy over one another .
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The Lord is moving in love and power , and He wants his people to move together with Him . Let ’ s participate in this together . Just like the Emissaries ( Apostles ) long ago , we too need the power of God ’ s Holy Spirit in order to stand firm and accomplish all we are called to do in the days to come . As Yeshua ’ s Messianic community , more than anything , we need a fresh impartation of God ’ s love , His power and the infilling of His Spirit !
In all of this we are reminded of Sha ’ ul powerful commission for each and every one of us in stating ,
Be on the alert ! Stand firm in the faith ! Be men of courage ! Be strong ! Let all that you do be done in love . ( 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 )
May we all be filled with the courage and strength of Adonai and the power of the Ruach ha-Kodesh and may we do everything out of love !