Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 11 Tamuz | July 2022 | Page 12

Rav 18 Sha ’ ul speaks of a wisdom that only the mature can comprehend . This maturity is a standard set by Yeshua , as we understand from reading Ephesians 4:13 , which also pertains to the work of the apostle , prophet , evangelist , pastor , and teacher so that we might “ … come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of Ben- Elohim ( the Son of God ) to mature adulthood …”. Does this sound familiar ?
The Five-Fold Kingdom model of leadership equipping and training is such a foundational component of our tenets in Tikkun . This wisdom is not a
“ worldly ” wisdom held by the “ world ’ s ” leaders who Sha ’ ul states are passing away . Rather , it is a wisdom that has been kept secret and hidden for us to receive now . ( 1 Cor . 2:7 ) This wisdom would bring us glory which had been decreed by God before the world began , of which none of the world ’ s leaders has any clue or understanding .
Sha ’ ul states that if they did understand , they would not have executed the Lord of Glory . And it is to the believers of that time and for us as believers now to understand . Yet how can we possibly do that ?
Gloriously , it is by the Ruach HaKodesh , the Holy Spirit . After all , Yeshua stated in John 16:7 that it was good that He had to go away . He told His followers at that time that it was actually to their advantage that He went to the Father , and it is also our advantage today that Yeshua went away as well . For if He had not gone away , the “ comforting Counselor ” would not have come . Yeshua told his disciples that unless He went away , the Comforter would not come to them , but that since He was going He would send Him to them . Sha ’ ul states that it is the Ruach , the Spirit , that probes the profoundest depths of God and relates it to us as humans . It is the spirit of a person that knows his or her inner workings . And Sha ’ ul states that this is the case with God . His Spirit knows His inner thoughts , emotions and plans , and now we , having rejected the spirit of this world and received the Spirit of God , can we now better understand that which God in Messiah has so wonderfully given to us . We can now
understand !
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