Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Issue 10 Sivan | June 2022 - Page 21


B U I L D I N G D I S C I P L I N G C O M M U N I T Y U N D E R A N E L D E R S H I P pt . 2

Last month , with the first part of this articles I began discussing our calling according to the Torah and New Covenant Scriptures to love YHVH with all our heart , soul , and strength ( Deut . 6:5 ; Luke 10:27 ) and to love our neighbor as ourselves ( Mark 12:31 ). From this foundation as a biblical definition of love and our call to abide in the Messiah ( John 15:4 ) I am reminded of the essential nature of “ Build discipling community under an eldership ” and the calling of Yeshua ’ s Kehilah ( Congregation or Church ) to make disciples and to live within community and for the sake of Covenant Relationships . With this month ’ s article we will explore how this reality can be lived out successfully and by the power of the Spirit .
A movement of churches spanning many denominations and streams has grown up in the United States . It is called “ Life Model Works .” Congregations are ordered around seeing people healed spiritually and growing into discipleship and obeying
Yeshua .
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