Tikkun America RESTORE Magazine Elul | August 2023 | Page 21

The Forgotten Steps of Leadership

Come , follow me ! ( Matt . 4:19 ) These three words changed the trajectory of the religious climate of the 1st-century Messianic community . They transformed the customary approach in how leaders would forever engage people . Yeshua was a masterful leader of people , first engaging them for a life of discipleship and following , then eventually propelling them into germinating and growing other leaders within the Messianic faith for the Kingdom of God . He called His first followers His disciples ; however , He did not initially call them to lead , He invited them to follow . Yeshua then spent the remainder of His earthly ministry teaching His disciples how to be effective in their roles of discipleship and followership until He released them to be leaders when His mission was complete . In order to be effective in carrying on the mission and vision that Yeshua started , His disciples first had to learn how to be effective in implementing the lessons of followership . So come , follow me , as we investigate this intricate and vital role of followership .
Aristotle said , “ He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader .” Is there an overemphasis on leadership ? Is followership the forgotten role of leadership ? How does the role of being a follower impact the overall effectiveness of a leader ? Followership , like leadership , is a role and not a destination .
With most organizations operating under hierarchical or bureaucratic models , many of the organizational members and even other leaders , serve as followers . One cannot lead without first having followers , and mastering the art of followership is essential to be an effective follower and equally an effective leader . Have you ever worked with someone who was placed in
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