Tifton Chamber Focus Summer 2020 - Page 14

What is so great about the 2020 Census? Lots of things, including: • It’s easy to complete! You can mail in your Census form or fill it out online in minutes at www.2020census.gov. • A higher response rate for our community provides more funding for public services and gives local officials much-needed information to plan for changes. Over $675 BILLION in federal funding comes back to states and local communities based on Census data. • The local response rate determines the number of our elected officials. More representation means we will have a stronger voice for our concerns. • Your information is safe and secure. The Census Bureau is required by law to protect any personal information and keep it confidential. • The Census keeps you safe. Many 911 emergency systems are based on maps developed for the last Census. For more information, visit www.2020Census.gov. If you haven’t done it yet, respond TODAY! 344567-1 403124- 14 Tift Chamber Focus • SUMMER 2020