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RootBeer By: Kayde Alexis Wissmiller Life is about taking a chance. Once you’ve rode on the back of a bike with someone for a while, you’ve gotten the chance to see, feel, and hear how a bike operates. Listening to the RPM’s to change gear, how to lean into turns, and how your driver handles traffic. All of these things may seem like no big deal as a passenger, but if you are thinking about getting your own bike, all of this knowledge will help you. For most women, fear has a major impact on riding on their own bike. Fear of picking the right bike because of weight. Fewer of not being able to use the clutch. Multiple fears racing through their brain to trigger them not to ride. I have had all of these fears more than once, but I’m not the kind of person that would let that hold me back. I’ve been riding for 3 years and recently have overcome the last of my fears: riding at night and the interstate. The best thing I could have done for myself was taking every step at my own pace. Usually you follow “mind of matter”, but in this case its “matter over mind”. You just have to go for it! Choosing your first bike is really not about appearance, it’s about comfort. That being said, when I first saw the bike that would become mine, I thought it was UGLY! It was in an upstairs storage room at NOHD and had two flat tires and appeared to be brown. I let HD know I have to think about this before I make any rash decision. Well, after seeing it out in the sunlight and realizing it was a beautiful “ROOTBEER” color with a bunch of flakes in the paint to make it sparkle….I was hooked! And to this day, the name has stuck. After I seen my bike in the sunlight, I started wheeling and dealing. By the time I signed my name on that huge stack of papers, ROOTBEER was officially mine with a set of new white wall tires and the rider’s course. I highly recommend taking the riders course, whether it’s with a local Harley Davidson location or with state police. You don’t have to know how to ride or clutch because the course teaches you from the beginning of mounting your bike all the way to properly putting it up until your next ride. The instructors I have met from my class and from all over where I’ve traveled are not there to put you down. Instructors want the best experience, well 12 Thunder Roads® Magazine LA/MS Gulf Coast | July 2019 | knowledgeable, and most importantly…SAFE for when you’re out riding the roads. The instructors take their time and really pay attention to everyone in the class so if you need extra time to master a skill, they will pull you aside and spend time making sure you are able to master that particular skill. I rode for 2 months before my scheduled class began. I figured, “oh this will be a piece of cake”…I was in for a shocker because I thought I knew what it took to ride. I learned so much from the rider’s course, so when I got my bike out for the 2nd, 1st time, I felt mentally, physically, and more comfortable on ROOTBEER and riding on the roads. Don’t let the price of the course fool you! Well worth every penny! Think about it….You get one shot at life, is $300 the price to stop you from seeing where life takes you and growing old, knowing you did everything you wanted to do in life? I have taken my own bike to the Dallas, Texas Lonestar Rally where 95% of the riders were men. So, I felt like on tough B**** on my own bike! Gatlinburg, TN I rode the Dragons Tail which is 11 miles long with 318 curves, probably the best experience anyone who owns a bike needs to make that a bucket list priority!! I had previously ridden on the back of a bike and promised myself that the next time I went, it would be on my own bike. I plan to hit more rallies in my future! I collect all my coins from making change at the store, and I plan to take a cross country ride with it all and I am stoked to rack up them miles. We have an amazing biker community of friends. We all rally together to help each other when a fellow biker is in need. We do poker runs, benefits, parties, etc. Ill just finish by saying, once you’ve learned to ride, it’s an awesome feeling that’s indescribable. It’s the freedom….ride where you want, when you want, and no one to tell you otherwise. It’s the feeling you get from all compliments and looks on everyone’s faces…. Check her out!! The feeling that you this bad ass biker chick sitting above a hot, purring engine on a beautiful piece of metal. The inspiration and feeling you get when other women or any rider starts a conversation with you about you experience on learning to ride, to a hundred million other questions that turns into another biker becoming you new brother/sister in the amazing biker community! | July 2019 | Thunder Roads® Magazine LA/MS Gulf Coast 13