Archived Publications Zach Gemignani: Delivering the Last Mile

Delivering the Last Mile in Data Visualization AN INTERVIEW WITH ZACH GEMIGNANI OF JUICE ANALYTICS In 2005 the Gemignani brothers, Zach and Chris, saw a gap in the marketplace—organizations were working hard to analyze and disseminate data, but were not delivering the “last mile” in data visualization, the stage where data can be turned into action. Together, they united their passion for data and design and developed Juice Analytics, a platform to help users better understand and interact with data. They later co-authored Data Fluency, a book that lays out data communication and design principles that can change the way organizations use data. For the past several years, HealthStream and Juice Analytics have worked together to make HealthStream customers’ data more accessible. They use the data that HealthStream collects in partnership with their clients and build outcome applications and analytical tools that then allow clients to make well-informed decisions. HealthStream recently interviewed CEO and co-founder Zach Gemignani to discuss how Juice Analytics has helped HealthStream customers better understand their data, compare their results against national benchmarks, and make better decisions. You can listen to the full Second Opinions podcast at