Thornton Academy Postscripts Alumni Magazine Winter 2007 - Page 3 Janson ‘72 Named to Board of Trustees Alumni Board, he has served the While checking messages Academy as a Development Comduring out-of-town travel last mittee member since 2004 and summer, Ken Janson ’72 wasn’t an Annual Fund volunteer since expecting to receive an e-mail 2000, and has assisted in numerfrom Thornton Academy Board of ous alumni activities. He also Trustees president James Nelson plays with other alumni musi’67 asking him to consider joincians at Thornton events as the ing Thornton’s Board of Trustees. drummer of Exit 5 and Small Boy Yet, while the invitation to serve Pete’s. in the leadership role may have One event that has become a come as a surprise to Janson, a personal favorite of Janson over quick look at his involvement the years is the with Thornton Senior Alumni over the last “There are moments when Reunion, he decade leaves I think ‘maybe I am too says. little doubt “When I see about his abilinvolved,’ and then I see 200 or so alumity to fill the someone else giving so ni gathering to role well. much more. That’s what share memories For the keeps me driving forward. and life stories,” past seven says Janson, years, Janson —Ken Janson ‘72 “…to get alumni has served back onto as a member campus is not of Thornton’s only good for the alumni, it’s also Alumni Association Board of great for the school and great for Directors, most recently as presithe kids.” dent since May 2002. He says he And Janson should know. first became involved in ThornIn addition to being a Thornton ton activities around the time of alumnus himself, Janson has his 25th class reunion, helping a strong family connection to Alumni Director Nancy Tripp ‘67 Thornton. His daughter Jessica plan the event as a member of the Janson ’05 and stepdaughter reunion committee. Nicole Voccia ’04 are graduates of “One thing led to another, and TA; and his son Jonathon Janson I was asked to join the Alumni and stepson Joey Voccia are both Board,” says Janson. TA sophomores this year. Janson has served on the Janson says that when it Alumni Board since 2000, one comes to volunteering, it’s the year as a member, one year as people—the students and alumvice president, and the remaining ni—that keep him coming back portion of his tenure as president. for more. In addition to his work on the Thornton Academy Trustee and President of the Alumni Association Ken Janson ‘72. Photo courtesy of Nimlok Maine. “If you didn’t get anything back you wouldn’t keep coming back, right?” he adds. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with some very talented and giving people—so many alumni members and volunteers that do so much for the TA community. There are moments when I think ‘maybe I am too involved,’ and then I see someone else giving so much more. That’s what keeps me driving forward.” Janson is the owner and president of Nimlok Maine, a New England distributor of Nimlok custom trade show exhibits, and chair of the Nimlok Branded Partner Advisory Board. His community activities include service to the Convention & Visitors Bureau of Greater Portland Board of Directors, Maine International Trade Center membership, and past service to the Old Orchard Beach Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Old Orchard Beach Planning Board. In addition to serving his first year on the Board of Trustees this year, Janson is completing his term as Alumni Board president until the Annual Meeting in May. As a trustee, he will continue to serve primarily on the development committee, and wherever else he is needed. “The next ten years are really going to be pivotal times for schools in Maine as more and more communities are going to be facing budget and consolidation challenges. At Thornton, not only do we have to anticipate change, we have to prepare for change,” says Janson. “My goal is to help Thornton meet that challenge in coming years.” A Worldly Lesson Thanks to a sponsorship by speak the language through total the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club, submersion. current senior Cara Moulton “I did not know how to speak spent her junior year last year Thai before I left. I had to learn studying abroad in Thailand. when I got there,” says Moulton. Looking back, “Everything is Moulton says in Thai—all the “I think studying abroad is the chance to TV is in Thai, all go to school the signs, all of an incredible experience... halfway my host families It broadens your mind in around the spoke in Thai. a way that texbooks and globe not only My host famimovies never could brought acalies spoke only because you’re living it.” demic oppora little English. tunities inside The language —Cara Moulton ‘07 the classroom, was challengit also helped ing, but I had to raise her figure it out.” awareness of the interconnectedIn addition to the language, ness of the world. Moulton also had to adapt to During her 11-month stay, daily life. Overwhelming heat, Moulton spent the majority of flooding during the rainy season, the time living with a single heavy school uniforms, and living host family in Bangkok, but also in a home without a traditional stayed briefly with three other western kitchen and running hot families in Bangkok and southern water, were just a few of the geoThailand. While there, she attendgraphical and cultural differences ed school, work