Thornton Academy Postscripts Alumni Magazine Winter 2007 | Page 9 Thornton Academy Athletic Hall of Fame Athletic Hall of Fame Committee Chair and Alumni Board Member Kirk Purvis ‘93 presents at the Induction Ceremony on September 30. Photo by Shawn Patrick Ouellette ‘89. During the Athletic Hall of Fame Induction ceremony, Kirk Purvis ‘93, Alumni Association board member and Hall of Fame Commitee chair, spoke of the importance of the award program, noting that “Thornton has a long history of athletic prominence and success that has led to the enrichment of the high school experience for many student athletes.” While all of the inductees of the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class were honored posthumously, family members accepted the awards on their behalf and shared some wonderful memories and connections among them. For example, Jon Mistos ’73 reminisced that Hank LaVallee once coached his father, Charlie Mistos ’37, and during the Depression years, ensured Charlie had enough to eat. Alan Mapes, son of Harry Mapes and member of the 1920-21 basketball team, recalled that Lavallee had once rented a room from the Mapes family. Ted Dyer described Pendleton: “He makes more yardage than the average high school back, but his really big Gordon R. Pendleton ‘48 gains are set up by good team play. Somehow the lads seem to steam up hotter for Abie’s runs.” Pendleton also was the first president of the Thornton Academy Alumni Association following its reinstatement in 1989. 1913-14 Girls Basketball Team After finishing second in the league in 1912 and 1913, the Thornton Academy girls basketball team claimed the crown in 1914 with an unparalleled 9-1 record. The team of sharp shooters and scrappy defenders included mostly seniors from the Class of 1914: Isabelle Alexander, Helene Buker, Florence Grace, Helen Lawrence, and team captain Meribah Keefe, along with Marion Lowell and Magdalena Walker. Thornton scored an average of 19 points each game while opponents only managed six. The only team to beat Thornton during the regular season was Portland in a close 10-7 game. 1920-21 Boys Basketball Team With a final victory over Wilton Academy, the boys team won the state championship, laying claim to Thornton’s first and still only boys basketball state title. The team included Justin Seavey, Lawrence Graves, Albert Hanson, Edgar Roger, Leo Joncas, Wesley Seavey, Frederick Shields, Hilary Mahaney, Kenneth Lord, Donald Skillings and Harry Mapes. Mapes led the scoring throughout the season, and returned the following year to coach the 1921-22 team to a York County title. The Thornton Academy Athletic Hall of Fame is a standing committee of the existing Thornton Academy Alumni Association. The Committe members are: Kirk Purvis ‘93, Alumni Association Board Member; Commitee Chair Dick Agreste, Director of Athletics Nancy Tripp ‘67, Alumni Director Phil Fearon ‘70, Trustee Jack Morrison ‘74, Current Coach Dick Parker ‘60, Alumni Association Board Member Diana Grant Walker ‘75, Alumna at Large CALL FOR NOMINATIONS Thornton Academy is seeking nominations for induction into the 2007 Thornton Academy Athletic Hall of Fame. Nominations are open to the public until May 1. The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is a standing committee of the Alumni Association. Eligibility: Athletes • The candidate must be a graduate of Thornton Academy, and at least 10 years must have passed since they graduated. A recipient may not be a current member of the faculty or staff, a coach or other employee of Thornton Academy, nor a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors or the Thornton Academy Board of Trustees. • The candidate must have competed in at least one year of a varsity sport. • The candidate must have demonstrated superior performance while an athlete at Thornton Academy, such as: 1) be a record-holder in a specific athletic event in their time at TA; 2) be recognized by local, state and/or regional athletic authorities; 3) demonstrate outstanding performance as deemed appropriate by the committee. Eligibility: Other individuals Other individuals who have contributed greatly to Thornton Academy athletics such as coaches, administrators, volunteers, or others will also be considered for induction. Such a candidate is not required to be a Thornton Academy graduate. Eligibility: Teams Teams who performed exceptionally during a single varsity season will be considered for induction. A team award will be considered as one award. Teams must have won a state or regional championship or achieved in other ways under uncommon adversity to be considered. For the first five years of the program, 2006-2010, the committee will induct no more than six athletes per year, including recognition of both posthumous and living nominees. In the first year, 2006, the committee made the nominations; in subsequent years nominations will be open to the public. For more information For more information, please contact Thornton Academy Alumni Director Nancy Tripp at (207) 282-3361, ext. 234, or [email protected]. POSTSCRIPTS * WINTER 2007