Thornton Academy Postscripts Alumni Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 38

AS TOLD TO KRISSY MAILMAN | PHOTO BY CLAUDIA MURRAY Class Agent Spotlight Abby Purvis ’96 Why did you become a class agent? I love planning reunions and connecting with my classmates. What’s your favorite part about being a class agent? I like to be the go-between for TA and my classmates. I also really like to stay updated on new things the school is doing and events the alumni are planning. What is your favorite TA memory or tradition? My favorite memory and tradition was working on our Homecoming float. We would get together at a classmate's house to plan and put it together. It never seemed like it would come together, but in the end, it always did—some better than others! We just had a lot of fun hanging out together. Walking in the parade and chanting and hoping to win the competition always convinced me that our float (and our class for that matter) was better than all the others. I loved dressing up for the dance at night. I remember that we all bought a dress for the first dance, then we all borrowed dresses for the following dances so we didn’t have to buy another. How often are you in touch with your TA classmates? I really feel like the Class of ’96 does a fairly good job keeping in touch with each other. I see a lot of my classmates often. I have a group of about eight girlfriends that still gets together frequently. Facebook has helped keeping up with what everyone is doing, which is nice. We just had our 20 th reunion with a very good turnout and we had a lot of fun. Why do you choose to give back to Thornton Academy? I love to give back to TA because it is really a special place, much different from most high schools. There is an unusual connection with the community and the alumni that makes it a fun place to be a part of. In Memoriam The names of the deceased below have been received by Thornton Academy since Postscripts was last published. We rely on friends and family to send us obituaries (especially for alumni who live outside of Maine) by mail or through a form on our website: stayintouch. 1941 Norma Lumb in February 2017 1942 Harold Blaisdell in January 2017 1945 Paul Kelleher in September 2016 1945 Dolores Cyr Levesque in January 2017 1945 Shirley Manseau O’Donnell in November 2016 1947 Milton Victor in October 2016 1953 Robert Tims in September 2016 1954 Louis Janson in September 2016 1