Thornton Academy Postscripts Alumni Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 30

Good Shepherd Parish donates to help students in need

10 years strong :

Thornton Fund AUCTION

Please join us at 5:30 p . m . on May 6 , 2017 as we celebrate ten fantastic years of supporting education and building community at the 10 th annual Thornton Fund Auction . This special event is an exciting way to bring the greater Saco community together to support the Thornton Academy student experience in every way possible . This year promises to be the best yet !
This year , the live auction will feature exciting escapes such as “ A Day at Fenway ,” “ Summer Sugarloaf Stay ,” and a “ New York City Getaway .” Another exciting addition to the auction is from Charles Thompson , a local artist , University of New England professor , and current Thornton Academy parent . Charles has donated two of his beautiful plein air oil landscape paintings , “ Saco Yacht Club ” and “ Mid Winter .” This special event would not be possible without the support of the Thornton Academy Auction Committee and dedicated volunteers . This group of amazing individuals help make TA ’ s largest fundraising event a success year after year . Trustee Bill Kany ’ 77 has been involved with the Thornton Fund Auction from the very start and currently serves as the event ’ s auctioneer . Bill shares , “ Over ten years ago , a professional development company advised Thornton to stay away from special fundraising events as they felt that such events tend to detract from other annual fund efforts . The Board chose to ignore that advice and TA ’ s annual auction and raffle were born . Over the last ten years , thanks to the support of our alums and area businesses , along with an incredibly dedicated core of volunteers , the auction has become a significant contributor to the annual fund while establishing itself as an event that people look forward to every year . The auction is an incredibly fun night that provides an opportunity for attendees to reconnect while supporting all of the wonderful developments at TA . Our 10 th should not be missed .”
Bill Kany ’ 77
Please visit the Thornton Fund Auction website ( www . thorntonacademy . org / auction ) to review a list of our current sponsors and auction items and to purchase event and raffle tickets .

Good Shepherd Parish donates to help students in need

Good Shepherd Parish raised more than $ 1,200 for Thornton Academy ’ s Headmaster ’ s Student Assistance Fund during their annual “ Souper Bowl of Caring .” The Souper Bowl of Caring is a national campaign that collects donations during Super Bowl weekend to help fend off hunger . More than 30 parishioners , mostly youth , gathered donations after mass by holding up soup pots . Josh Houde , Youth Minister for Good Shepherd Parish , learned about Thornton ’ s Headmaster ’ s Student Assistance Fund through his youth members who are TA students . “ We are glad that our donation to Thornton will be able to help students obtain meals and other necessities that the Headmaster ’ s Fund provides for them ,” said Josh .
STORY BY DAVID ARENSTAM | PHOTOS COURTESY OF KEN JANSON TA Treasure Mary’s Walk dedicated to longtime volunteer Ken Janson ’72 As soon as the calendar turns to another year, citizens in southern Maine often remind themselves that spring is just around the corner. For many people from the Saco- Biddeford area, spring is also the time for Mary’s Walk and the Kerrymen 5K. Both events take place the first Sunday after St. Patrick’s Day, but due to snow this year’s event was held on Sunday, March 26. It is amazing to see the streets and sidewalks of the city filled with nearly 5,000 citizens from the surrounding communities as they walk and run to make a statement about cancer. The event has attracted governors, congressmen, mayors, and many other dignitaries over the years, but the core constituency has always been the families. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, infants, and teenagers have smiled, laughed, and waved to friends as they made their way around the course. There is a time clock, and the 5K is an officially sanctioned race, but most participants just seem happy to be together. On this one crazy day, there’s no limit to the number of smiles and hugs. This year those were needed more than ever. For the first time, the event was dedicated to one of the members of the committee that organizes both events. In a strange twist of fate, shortly after the group started meeting again to discuss this year’s event, Ken Janson ’72, a local business owner, Thornton Academy Trustee, and musician, learned he had cancer. He needed immediate treatment, and as he has witnessed with others, those directly affected by this disease have their lives turned upside down. 30 Laurie and Ken “When I think about Ken’s dedication and loyalty to Mary’s Walk, I realize it began long before the first walk or run, it began in 1968—he was a freshman at Thornton Academy when Mary, a junior, befriended him...Little did he know where that friendship would lead him in life.” L to R: Gene Libby ’70, Ken Janson ’72, Al Smith ’73, Jane Kerry ’74 Ken, his wife Laurie, and their extended network of family and friends have been working to do everything possible to beat this demon. Gene Libby ’70, the founder of Mary’s Walk and the Kerrymen 5K, made the announcement that this year, the event would be dedicated to Ken. Everyone on the committee expects Ken to persevere and succeed with his fight, but they also want him to know how much he is loved and how much the committee is F涖rbW&PvW&RƖ&'( 2v&G22RV6V@F2vVFW6W'fVB"शV62&V&&RW'6आ^( 2&VV'FBV&W"`FR'( 2vƲr6֗GFVP66R#BGW&rFBFRP2FFVB6VFW72W'2FFRfv@v7B66W"&RBfFR&"G&v066WVV6RVv2Fv6VBvFW6vV66W"F27BfV&W B2rVFW&vr&F&FFB6VFW&2V&VVFpFVF6FFW"WfVB2&VVখ7&Ff"RGW&rFRV'0FB'( 2vƲ2&VV&W&V@גvf^( 2FVFrg&'W&WGN( 0ǖFvWFW"vRvfP&6VBBFRVBbF26vC0֖ƖF7W'B66W"&W6V&6@FVG2BFW2vRVVBƗGFPVB7W'BBB2rFRF7W'BVvVF&WBV( 2FVF6FBGF'( 2vƲ&VƗR@&Vvr&Vf&RFRf'7BvƲ"'VB&Vvc( 2Rv2g&W6BF&F6FVגvV'V"&Vg&VFVB6Rv2BFƶFfRB&FFVBv&FF@6f'FVBBVGW&VBV2WfW f&vGFVƗGFRFBRrvW&RF@g&VG6vVBVBƖfRगBB&RV6bWvvW&FF6FBV2VvvW&W@fVFVW"R2vVW&W2B&BЧv&rB76FR&WBFPvƲBFR'V'( 2vƲ0w&vB&7W&VBg&2VGW&p6֗FVB'WBW"WfVB2BFPǒ6W6R"w&WFB2&V6VfV@V( 27W'BR26&VVrЧFRfVFVW"BF&F6FVגf'7B2W&VV&W"bFPV&&BBr2G'W7FVRvfr&6FFR6VG2vbƖfRf"VB2f֖ǒ2vfRW&R2FRrFRF&V7F"bFPvƶW"&Vv7G&Ff"'( 2vƲBƖR6W"6VGFWfRGW&VBW"WfVBFf֖ǐ6֗FVBशV26VG&W&VWW.( FR2FPvW"b&WFrBf7VF7'W6W72RB26ƖVG0F&VvWBFR7FFR'WB2`W2fR6RFrV2f"g&ЦRFV67BvVVVG2PW&f&2B6w2B6fVVW2vF2v&BG2BvVVv2f'7BFv6VBBRWV@FRG&VFVBRvVB&R&V6VfrvPvW&RB7W&RrgFVvRvVB6VP2vRVBF2V.( 2WfVB'W@FW7FRffRFvVVǒ66VGVR`6VFW&B&FFV7FGFVG2FRvVVǒrVWFpB6FVW2F6G&'WFR2琧FVG2F'( 2vƲrf"FRf'7BFRW"זV"7F'f"bFW6R&V62'( 2vưFVF6FW2FRWfVBFRbW"v( @V6W"WfVB27F'`fVGW&r66W"7W'ff"27VW GW&rFR&RWfVB6W&VW2@WBV"f"W"#FfW'6'VvFRFR7FvRBFƲ&WB0fvBvFFRF6V6RFB2ffV7FV@6FRv&RW"#7VW"2'F6G2vFW"FPF&F6FVגw3